Tuesday, July 1

Zenobia Cruise

My husband and I enjoyed a morning cruise to view the Zenobia Wreck in Larnaca.  Recently, these cruises were offered free of charge, and we had a delightful experience with plenty of photos to share.  :)  


Here are more photos of our Zenobia Cruise:

Here's a short video of our Zenobia Cruise:

For more details, visit the Exploring Cyprus blog, which will soon feature a Zenobia Cruise post.

Sunday, June 22

Committed: The Movie

Over the weekend, we viewed the romantic comedy movie, Committed, which was filmed locally in Cyprus.  Since we've visited many of the various Cypriot sites portrayed in the film, it was quite enjoyable.

Here's the trailer for Committed:

Tuesday, June 10

Limassol Marina

On morning of Kataklysmos, we enjoyed a lovely walk around the Limassol Marina, which has opened recently.  Enjoy the photos!

For more details about the Cypriot holiday of Kataklysmos, please click HERE.  And for more details about the new Limassol Marina, please visit the Exploring Cyprus blog, by clicking HERE.

Sunday, June 8

Kataklysmos Festival

The Kataklysmos Festival at the Limassol Municipal Gardens is celebrating this upcoming holiday in Cyprus.  Enjoy the festival photos!

For more details about Kataklysmos, please visit the Exploring Cyprus blog, by clicking HERE.

Friday, June 6

Curium Beach

Curium Beach is a delightful area to enjoy the sunshine in Cyprus!

For more details about Curium Beach, please click HERE.