Thursday, December 11

Limassol Promenade and Pier

The Limassol Promenade is a lovely area to walk along the seafront, even in December.  One of my favorite aspects of Cyprus is the possibility for sunshine during the winter months!  :)

For more details about the Limassol Promenade and Limassol Pier, please click HERE and HERE.

Wednesday, December 10

Kolossi Village

Kolossi Village is a lovely place to explore, particularly the Kolossi Castle, various ancient churches, etc.


For more details about Kolossi Village and Kolossi Castle, please click HERE and HERE.

Tuesday, December 9

Dubai and Abu Dhabi

My recent trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi provided numerous photography opportunities.  Enjoy a few of the highlights!  :)


Monday, December 1

Greek Language

Due to the substantial influence of Greek culture and language in Cyprus, the island is sometimes incorrectly considered a part of Greece.  Even though Cyprus is actually a separate country from Greece, the main language is still Greek.

While traveling throughout the island of Cyprus, it’s convenient to know the language…or at least a few words and phrases.  From saying thank you to reading road signs to shopping for groceries.  The English language is quite prevalent in Cyprus, so not all of the locals and tourists attempt to learn the Greek language.

Rosetta Translation ( is an excellent source for translating Greek documents, as well as other languages for any of your upcoming travels.

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Thursday, November 6

Wedding Anniversary

Recently, we celebrated our wedding anniversary, and my husband surprised me with lovely flowers!  :)