Wednesday, March 16

Diarizos Valley, Part #2

Instead of celebrating Green Monday in the traditional Greek Orthodox manner, my husband and I decided to explore more of Cyprus, as we enjoyed a pleasant drive through the Diarizos Valley.  To read more about Green Monday, please click HERE.

After visiting the Asprokremos Dam, we drove along the Diarizos Valley road to Nikokleia Village, to view the Agios Demetrios Church.  Then, we continued the drive to Fasoula Village, where there is a lovely little park with a Greek Orthodox Church and Mosque sitting next to each other.  Plus, there was a tourist map of the Diarizos Valley, which was quite convenient.  After Fasoula Village, we drove to Mamonia Village.  This area is called the "Mamonia Zone" (also known as the "Mamonia Complex") terrain, which consists of various volcanic, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks from ancient years.  The "Mamonia Zone" was named after Mamonia Village, where there are classic examples of this zone.  Also, we drove through Agios Georgios Village, and we passed Agios Mama Church along the way to the Agios Savvas tis Karonos Monastery.

Unfortunately, it was still raining...until we reached Fasoula Village, and then again until shortly before we reached Agios Mama Church.  So, I don't have as many photos in this area.  However, I still managed to take hundreds of photos throughout the entire drive, but I won't post all of the photos on my blog.  :)

Here are some of my photos for Diarizos Valley, Part #2:

Diarizos Valley with the view of Nikokleia Village in the distance.

Nikokleia Village, as well as Agios Demetrios Church.

Agios Demetrios Church.

Driving from Nikokleia Village to Fasoula Village.

Mosque in Fasoula Village.

Greek Orthodox Church in Fasoula Village.

Elizabeth in Fasoula Village.

Leaving Fasoula Village.  The road sign on the left side indicates animal crossing.

Driving to Agios Mama Church, and then to Agios Savvas tis Karonos Monastery Ruins.

Driving to Agios Mama Church, and then to Agios Savvas tis Karonos Monastery Ruins.
Agios Mama Church.

Diarizos Valley with the view of Agios Mama Church in the distance.

Diarizos Valley, along the drive to Agios Savvas tis Karonos Monastery Ruins.  The monastery ruins will be included in my next blog post.

Hope you enjoyed the photos of Nikokleia Village, Agios Demetrios Church, Fasoula Village, Agios Mama Church, etc.  Previously, I posted about Diarizos Valley, Part #1 (including details about Green Monday and photos of Asprokremos Dam), which you can view HERE.

Throughout the next few blog posts, I'll continue to share photos from our drive through the Diarizos Valley, including some of the following highlights: Agios Savvas tis Karonos Monastery Ruins, Agios Savvas tis Karonos Church, Kidasi Village, Kedares Village, Filousa Village, Arminou Village, Mesana Village, Salamiou Village, Salamiotissis Monastery, Stravrokonnou Village, Choletria Village, etc.  And many photos of the beautiful Diarizos Valley!


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